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  • 32 Inch Smart TV

    32 inch smart tv Nowadays, the price of LCD TVs has become lower and lower. The 32-inch model generally only needs more than 1,000 yuan, but the 32-inch display is very rare. However, the price of LCD TVs and monitors varies greatly. 32 inch smart tv So many people have this...
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  • 39 Inch Smart TV

    39 inch smart tv Smart TV supports the following features: Multi-subtitle, multi-track, multi-format support for local video Timeline playback record management Automatically match local movie posters Play while downloading Film and television drama Intelligent speed...
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  • 40 Inch Smart TV

    40 inch smart tv The distance between the dot pitch and the PPI is very large, and the LCD TV screen is very rough. Usually, the highest resolution of a 32-inch LCD TV is 1080P. By calculation, its PPI is only 69, the dot pitch is a bit large, and the graininess can be seen...
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  • 42 Inch Smart TV

    42 inch smart tv How to clean the screen of the smart TV? 1. Turn off the power: Be sure to clean the LCD screen with the power off and cooling. After cleaning with wet paper in the boot state, the watermark is easy to appear on the LCD screen. 2. it is best not to use a soft...
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  • 43 Inch Smart TV

    43 inch smart tv 43 inch Smart TV is a new product based on the impact of the Internet wave. Its purpose is to bring users a more convenient experience. It has become the trend of TV. Even Changhong’s old brand, which is second to none in the domestic TV industry, has already...
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  • 50 Inch Smart TV

    50 inch smart tv At present, the arrival of 50 inch smart tv conforms to the trend of “high definition”, “networking” and “intelligence” of TV sets. When the PC has long been intelligent, mobile phones and tablets are also intelligent in a large area, the TV screen will not...
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  • 55 Inch Smart TV

    55 inch smart tv The "smart TV" launched by foreign IT giants has the advantage of the application platform that traditional TV manufacturers do not have. Smart TV will realize various application services such as network search, IP TV, BBTV network video, video on...
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  • 65 Inch Smart TV

    65 inch smart tv Smart TV is a term which describes the bringing together of the internet via phones, tablet PCs and every other communication device we use - merging them and converging them with the big information and entertainment box in our living rooms. It's true...
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  • 19 Inches LED TV

    19 inches led tv Size range Flat panel plasma television screen sizes typically range from 42 inches to 65 inches, measured diagonally. 19 inches led tv television screens in the consumer market typically range from 19 inches to 70 inches. LED televisions typically have...
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  • 22 Inches LED TV

    22 inches led tv Best LED TV Deals There are many places online to offer the best LED TV deals. Some have faster delivery time frames while others have much longer lead times but drop the price of the led TV by 3-5% Which ever led TV deal you decide to go for when you decide...
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  • 24 Inches LED TV

    24 inches led tv Energy consumption When it comes to energy consumption among all three formats, size matters. The larger the display, the more power is consumed. Flat panel plasma televisions consume the most power. Comparably sized LCD televisions consume less power than...
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  • 50 Inches LED TV

    50 inches led tv But even as the global TV market is expected to grow to $14.6 billion in 2013, consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact their increasing electronics usage is having. As they strive to become more ‘green’ and energy efficient, tough...
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