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Which Kind Of Screen Is Good For LCD TV?
Sep 13, 2018

1. The quality of a LCD first depends on its panel, because the quality of the panel directly affects the viewing effect of the screen, and the LCD TV panel accounts for more than half of the cost of the whole machine, is the main factor affecting the cost of LCD TV, so to choose a good LCD display, the first thing is to choose its panel. .

2. LCD panel can largely determine the luminance, contrast, color, visual angle and other very important parameters of LCD. LCD panels are developing rapidly, from three generations in previous years to four and five generations, then skipping six generations to seven generations, and the renewal of the eighth generation panel is also in the planning.

3. At present, the main manufacturers of LCD panels are Samsung, LG-Philips, Youda and so on. Due to the difference of technical level of each manufacturer, LCD panels are also roughly divided into different types of machines. There are common TN panels, MVA and PVA VA class panels, IPS panels, and CPA panels.

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