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What Matters Should We Pay Attention To When We Buy Smart TV?
Sep 13, 2018

One: size of TV

Choose a living room / bedroom TV. How big is it? We can combine the best viewing distance of smart TV and the area occupied by the TV wall to select the desired TV size.

Formula: the best viewing distance of LCD TV = diagonal x0.0635 of LCD TV screen.

Generally speaking, the size and population of our family determine the size of the TV. In fact, you can also look at some parameters. The best choice is a calendar TV, so you can save space.

If your room is 20 square meters, then you choose a 21 inch or so okay, if your space is about 30 square meters, then you choose 29 inches or more, and if your vacation size is about 30 square meters, or even 40 square meters, then you have to choose 35 inches or more.

Two, look at the hardware configuration.

The hardware configuration of smart TV must not be ignored. We often see the introduction of counter-heaven processor cores, such as 14 cores, 18 cores, 20 cores, and so on, in fact, this is a kind of additive algorithm, and our smartphones generally say that the four cores, eight cores are not the same, is not superior performance. Therefore, we must not blindly because of the high number of cores and subjectivity that the TV hardware is powerful and buy.

Nowadays few people buy TV sets because they are not only heavy, but also take up a lot of space. Then the LCD TV is still good, and the effect of LCD TV page is better, it is best to buy high resolution LCD TV. Of course, the higher the TV, the clearer it is.

Three, sub material category

4K TV refers to a TV set of 3840 * 2160 pixel resolution, and its resolution is 4 times that of 2K TV. The most common on the market are OLED and LCD, which existed before the 4K standard, but the resolution has been greatly improved from 1920 * 1080 to 3840 * 2160.

4K TV is a little more expensive because of the cost of the screen, but 4K content is not abundant in China at present, 4K video needs large network transmission, if the network bandwidth at home is not enough, online 4K video content will look like a lot of cartoon. Therefore, we should not blindly pursue 4K and choose the best one for ourselves.

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