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What Indicators Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Buying High-quality LED Displays?
Sep 13, 2018

1.LED imaging performance

The first key to overall performance is single LED. This is the basic unit that makes up the whole image, so the consistency, stability and reliability of each LED are crucial for imaging performance and lifetime. The size of LED also affects the pixel spacing, thus determining the resolution and image quality. The efficiency of LED will affect the total power consumption, which will affect the operation cost and the thermal management of installation. The brightness and quality of LED in production will also change and be graded. Manufacturers usually choose which LED to use, and higher-quality brands often choose high-quality LED components, which is the basis for creating high-quality pictures.

2. driving circuit

The second key factor is the LED drive circuit, which affects the overall display reliability, power and image fidelity. There are many ways to drive, and some ways are better than others. Thirdly, manufacturers can use external suppliers or internal R&D and other ways, which will also make the performance of LED panel products have differences. Good circuit design is also one of the important indicators for screening excellent products.

3. mechanical design

Mechanical design is related to positioning and installation depth, which is very important for seamless imaging of multi unit splicing. The human eye is sensitive to uneven gaps between elements, so it is important to keep the seams perfectly aligned and even. If the unit module is too close, the human eye will feel light or white lines, and if it is too far away, you will see black or black lines. For service reasons, pre-maintenance of a single module is becoming increasingly popular, which puts more demands on the mechanical design of the display screen to ensure accurate docking while providing pre-maintenance performance.

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