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The Difference Between Smart TV And Ordinary TV
Sep 13, 2018

Smart TV is a new TV product that has a fully open platform and is equipped with an operating system. Users can install and uninstall various application software while continuing to enhance and upgrade their functions while enjoying ordinary TV content. Smart TVs continue to give users a rich, personalized experience that is different from cable digital TV receivers (set-top boxes).

In the strict sense, a liquid crystal television refers to a television that uses LEDs (light-emitting diodes) as a developing device, and is generally used for low-precision display or outdoor large screen. The strict name of the LED TV commonly referred to in the home appliance industry in mainland China is “LED backlight LCD TV”, which replaces the traditional fluorescent tube with LED light source, the picture is better, the theoretical life is longer, the production process is more environmentally friendly, and Can make the liquid crystal display panel thinner.

Advantages of LCD TV: wide color gamut, long life, environmental protection and energy saving. Ultra-thin appearance

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