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Smart TV Must Be A Customizable TV
Sep 13, 2018

Smart TV is still a new generation of TV that keeps growing and keeps pace with the times. Intelligent TV is the most important thing is to carry a fully open platform, only through the fully open platform, can consumers be widely mobilized to actively participate in color TV function formulation, to achieve color TV "demand customization" and "color TV entertainment" is the only effective way to solve the development of color TV intelligent.

In general, intelligent TV is an open platform, developers can develop many applications, can load "unlimited content, unlimited applications," its development prospects are still relatively broad.

The arrival of intelligent TV conforms to the trend of "high definition", "network" and "intellectualization". When the PC has long been intelligent, mobile phones and tablets are also a large area of intelligent circumstances, the TV screen will not escape the law of the IT giant, will certainly move towards intelligent. The so-called real smart TV should be able to obtain program content from the network, AV equipment, PC and other channels, through a simple and easy-to-use integrated operation interface, simple operation will be the most needed content on the large screen clearly displayed.

The "smart TV" introduced by foreign IT giants has the advantage of application platform that traditional TV manufacturers do not have. Intelligent TV will realize network search, IP TV, BBTV network TV, video on demand (VOD), digital music, network news, network video phone and other applications. Television is becoming the third kind of information access terminal after computers and mobile phones. Users can access the information they need at any time. Television will also become an intelligent device to search across platforms between TV, network and programs. Intelligent TV will also be an entertainment center.

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