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How To Maintain LCD TV
Sep 13, 2018

Cleaning up the LCD TV is our most troublesome thing. Some people will directly wipe the wipe with a damp cloth and other improper cleaning methods will cause damage to the LCD TV.

Avoid long time

Avoid the length of time for continuous use, that is, let the TV rest for a while, long-term use will make the internal parts of the TV high temperature to burn internal parts or accelerate the aging of parts. Staying on the same screen for a long time will cause some pixels to overheat, resulting in no screen on the screen. In order to avoid this situation, try not to press the pause button while watching DV or other videos.

Keep dry

Pay attention to keeping the TV dry. Long-term work will cause the parts inside to heat up. At this time, it is self-evident that you will encounter moisture damage. Some homes do not use the TV set at all, but it is also recommended to apply power at the right time. Look at the TV and let the parts inside heat up to drive off the dampness inside.

Dust removal

Due to the static electricity, the screen surface of the LCD TV is easily contaminated with dust. But water wiping is a very unwise way to clean. The first is that the cleaning effect is general, and it is easy to leave water marks. More importantly, the liquid crystal is very easy to cause permanent damage due to moisture. (If water droplets seep into the screen, avoid energizing, let the water evaporate slowly in a warm environment)

In fact, cleaning cloths and cleaning liquids for liquid crystals are commercially available. The professional cleaning cloth has better cleaning effect and soft texture (don't think that the glasses cloth can be replaced), and the cleaning liquid also makes the cleaning effect even better. In order to avoid scratching the screen, it is better to use professional ones.


According to the physics principle, when the TV is working, the outer surface of the fluorescent screen carries electric charges to form an electric field. Under the action of this electric field, the charged dust in the air will adhere to the surface of the fluorescent screen. Over time, it will accumulate more and more, affecting the viewing and even the formation of dark spots, causing misjudgment of the picture tube failure. Therefore, the cleaning of the appearance of the TV screen becomes a necessary task for TV users.

The dust on the outer surface of the screen must be turned off. At the same time, it is not possible to clean with feather dusters, silk fabrics, etc., because such items will be charged with rubbing after being rubbed by glass products; if such a product is used to clean the fluorescent screen, not only will it not be cleaned, but the dust on such items will be , silk hair, etc. are attached to the screen. It is even more difficult to clean the screen with something like a so-called electrical cleaner or other detergent. Because these Lius are more or less acid and alkaline, they cause corrosion to glass products, which will affect the surface finish of the screen.

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