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How To Distinguish LCD Panel Types
Sep 13, 2018

At present, the main manufacturers of LCD panels are Samsung, LG-Philips, Youda and so on. Due to the difference of technical level, the LCD panels are also roughly divided into different types of machines. There are common TN panels, MVA and PVA VA class panels, IPS panels, and CPA panels.

TN panel

TN is called Twisted Nematic (Twisted Nematic) panel. The low cost of production makes TN the most widely used entry-level LCD panel. It is widely used in the mainstream LCD display in the market. The advantage of TN panel is that the number of output gray class is small, the deflection speed of liquid crystal molecule is fast, and the response time is easy to improve. At present, the liquid crystal products below 8ms in the market are basically TN panel. Samsung has also developed a B-TN (Best-TN) panel, which is in fact an improved version of the TN panel, mainly to balance the high-speed response of the TN panel must sacrifice the contradiction of picture quality. At the same time, the contrast can reach 700: 1, which is already close to the panel of MVA or early PVA. Many manufacturers in Taiwan produce TN panels. TN panels are soft screens. Similar watermarks appear when you gently scratch them with your hands.

VA class panel

The VA class panel is the panel type of the high end LCD application nowadays. It belongs to the wide view panel. Compared with TN panels, 8bit panels can provide 16.7M color and large viewing angle, which is the high-end positioning of these panels capital, but the price is also relatively expensive compared to TN panels. VA panels can be divided into MVA panels dominated by Fujitsu and PVA panels developed by Samsung, the latter is the inheritance and improvement of the former. VA panel has the highest contrast, but the uniformity of the screen is not good enough, and color drift often occurs. Sharp text is its killer, and the contrast between black and white is quite high.

IPS panel

The advantages of the IPS panel are high visual angle, fast response speed, accurate color reduction and low price. However, the drawback is that the leakage problem is more serious, black purity is not enough, slightly worse than PVA, so it needs to rely on optical film compensation to achieve better black. At present, the IPS panel is mainly produced by PHILPS LG-. Compared with other types of panels, IPS panel screen is more "hard", with a gentle hand stroke is not easy to appear water-like deformation, so there is a hard screen called. When you look closely at the screen, if you see a fish-scale pixel with a hard screen and a left-facing fish-scale pixel, you can be sure that it is the IPS panel.

CPA panel (ASV panel)

CPA (Continuous Pinwheel Alignment) mode wide view technology (soft screen), CPA mode wide view technology is strictly a member of the VA camp, the liquid crystal molecules radiate toward the central electrode in a firework-like arrangement. Because the electric field on the pixel electrode varies continuously, this wide-angle mode is called the "continuous firework arrangement" mode. The CPA is promoted by the "father of liquid crystal" Sharp, it should be noted that Sharp has always been advocating ASV is not a specific wide-angle technology, it used TN + Film, VA, CPA wide-angle technology products collectively known as ASV. In fact, only CPA model is Sharp's own wide-angle technology, the model of products and MVA and PVA is basically the same.

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