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Digital Player
Sep 13, 2018

DAP can play many other formats, such as WMA, AAC, WAV, etc. Some formats will be merged with restrictive technology DRM, such as Janus and FairPlay, which are generally part of a paid download site. Other formats are completely patent-free or open in other areas, such as Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Speex (all parts of Ogg's open multimedia engineering), and the Module file format. There are currently three main types of digital audio players:

Flash-based players - These static storage devices store digital audio files on internal or external storage media, such as flash memory cards. Due to technical limitations, the capacity of these storage devices is generally small, and commercial flash memory capacity is mainly from 128MB to 8GB, such as the second-generation iPod nano, SanDisk Sansa series player, and iriver clix, the capacity of these players can generally be expanded by adding additional flash memory. Because flash memory is a static storage device, they have good durability. In general, they don't suffer from the limitations of hard disk-based digital audio player owners, such as the fear of falling or breaking the player. These players are generally integrated with a USB USB stick.

Based on hard disk players or digital jukeboxes - these players read digital audio files from the hard disk. These players have a larger capacity, from 1.5GB to 160GB, depending on the technology used on the hard drive. For standard encoding frequencies, this means that thousands of songs — or a complete music collection — can be stored in an MP3 player. Because of the huge storage space of the hard disk, the player used to play video or display pictures is also generally based on a hard disk.

MP3 CD Player - These players can read audio files from a disc and can also play audio CDs.

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