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  • 19 Inches LED TV

    19 inches led tv Size range Flat panel plasma television screen sizes typically range from 42 inches to 65 inches, measured diagonally. 19 inches led tv television screens in the consumer market typically range from 19 inches to 70 inches. LED televisions typically have...
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  • 22 Inches LED TV

    22 inches led tv Best LED TV Deals There are many places online to offer the best LED TV deals. Some have faster delivery time frames while others have much longer lead times but drop the price of the led TV by 3-5% Which ever led TV deal you decide to go for when you decide...
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  • 24 Inches LED TV

    24 inches led tv Energy consumption When it comes to energy consumption among all three formats, size matters. The larger the display, the more power is consumed. Flat panel plasma televisions consume the most power. Comparably sized LCD televisions consume less power than...
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  • 50 Inches LED TV

    50 inches led tv But even as the global TV market is expected to grow to $14.6 billion in 2013, consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact their increasing electronics usage is having. As they strive to become more ‘green’ and energy efficient, tough...
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  • 55 Inches LED TV

    55 inches led tv Further to energy efficiency, Samsung LED TVs offer design that goes beyond technology, creating an emotional connection between the TV and consumer who now also enjoys the enhanced picture quality and better contrast ratio benefits. Additionally, Samsung is...
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  • 65 Inches LED TV

    65 inches led tv At present, the LED TVs in the store are all LCD TVs with LED backlights. In essence, they are still LCD TVs. This is a completely different concept from a real LED TV. Ordinary consumers must clearly distinguish this basic concept. The so-called LED TV in...
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