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LED TV Accessories


    LED TV LVDS liquid crystal display Touching a liquid crystal display on a machine actually refers to a liquid crystal display, and its main purpose is to play an image. When judging the quality of the liquid crystal display, it can be judged according to the display, power...
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  • LED TV Connectors

    LED TV Connectors The quality of the whole machine is good or bad. In addition to the above four aspects, we can also judge by touching the cabinet, audio equipment, power input equipment and so on. At present, with the continuous popularization and application of LCD TV...
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  • LED TV Power Cord

    LED TV Power Cord word mouth effect The word-of-mouth effect is one of the most important aspects of LCD TV display manufacturers, because only by fully satisfying the needs of customers, customers can spread word of mouth. So we can consult the reputation effect of the...
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  • LED TV Cables

    LED TV Cables independent research and development strength The independent research and development strength must also pay attention to one aspect of our choice of touch screen. Because only with independent research and development strength, we can bring more security to...
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  • LED TV IR Connectors

    LED TV IR Connectors The operating system of the touch screen machine mainly consists of the following two types: Android system Android system, Android is a free open source code operating system based on Linux. It is an operating system commonly used in touch screens. Like...
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  • Key IR PCB ODM

    Key IR PCB ODM Windows 8 system In recent years, an operating system that has begun to appear on the market has been supported by Intel, AMD and ARM chip architectures. It not only makes people's daily tablet operation easier and faster, but also provides people with an...
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    KEY IR PCB Light leakage: In the black screen and dark environment of the integrated display screen of the touch screen, the display area of ??the display area has obvious paleness, color cast, and light transmission through the gap. cause: If the touch screen displays, the...
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    LED TV PCB can be used to wipe the display or replace the protective film. First open the screen and clean the process with pure cotton and pure water on the polarizer and plexiglass outer layer, blow dry with a hair dryer, and finally reassemble it in a clean place. The...
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  • LED TV Remote

    LED TV Remote Some touch monitors are powerful, but there are many problems. For example, touch education machines and touch screens are not sensitive to touch screens. This will make users very annoyed. In fact, these problems may not be machine failures. Maybe we use them....
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  • LED TV Speaker

    LED TV Speaker phenomenon: When using the touch screen, the response is not sensitive and you did not use this feeling before. Solution: First, you need to use a clean cloth or towel to touch the screen on one machine to clean the touch screen and remove some dust or foreign...
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