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LED Panel Module

  • 21.5 Inch Panel Module

    21.5 inch Panel Module The LED display screens are classified into various categories and are generally classified in the following ways. (1) divided into indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor according to the use environment The indoor screen area generally ranges from less than...
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  • 32 Inch Panel Module

    32 inch Panel Module Synchronous and asynchronous by control or usage Synchronous mode means that the LED display works basically the same as the monitor of the computer. It maps the computer image to the map on the real monitor with an update rate of at least 30...
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  • 43 Inch Panel Module

    43 inch Panel Module According to display performance can be divided into Video display: generally full color display Text display: generally single color display Graphic display: generally dual-color display Quote display: generally digital tube or single primary color...
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  • 49 Inch Panel Module

    49 inch Panel Module The color and luminous efficiency of LEDs are related to the materials and processes used to make LEDs. Currently, red, green and blue are widely used. due to The LED has a low operating voltage (only 5V), can actively emit light and has a certain...
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  • 50 Inch Panel Module

    50 inch Panel Module Regardless of whether a single-color, two-color or three-color screen is made with LEDs, the brightness of each LED that is required to form an image must be adjustable, and the degree of fineness of the adjustment is the gray level of the display. The...
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  • 55 Inch Panel Module

    55 inch Panel Module The manufacturer's LED backlight technology will improve over time, but we know from industry observers that the real improvement is the sidelight technology, because consumers can't seem to resist ultra-thin TV, so engineers are trying to LED...
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  • 65 Inch Panel Module

    65 inch Panel Module The highest-end LED TV quality is as good as the plasma TV - but there is a problem LCD TVs have always been criticized for the fact that the black produced is not as deep as a plasma TV, but after the introduction of LED backlights, high-end LED-backlit...
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  • 75 Inch Panel Module

    75 inch Panel Module The LED and the CCFL backlight are basically identical in structure, the main difference being that the CCFL line source is replaced by the LED point source. But why do major TV brand manufacturers use LEDs instead of CCFLs as backlights? In general, LEDs...
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