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The era of intelligence drives the LCD era
Sep 13, 2018

Compared with smart phones, LCD TVs can really be regarded as grandparents. In the 1940s, there was already a high definition of conventional television broadcasting services in the UK. You see, the people nowadays are basically smart phones, home audio and video, that is led LCD TV! ! The entire industry of LCD TVs in Guangzhou has undergone tremendous changes in the past few decades, and with these changes there is something that is not known to ordinary people - led LCD TV standards.

How high the resolution of your home TV should be, what color characteristics should be available for the three primary colors, etc., are described in the standard proposal. Electric Guangzhou LCD TV is at the very end of the broadcast TV service chain, so its form is bound to be limited by this industry standard. Guangzhou LCD TVs, like computer led monitors, can be smart, remote control, and some can also play memory data, etc. Now LCD TVs are getting better and better.

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