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The difference between LCD TV and ion TV
Sep 13, 2018

What is the difference between LCD TVs and ion TVs today? ? From the perspective of TV manufacturers, LCD TVs and plasma TVs are the main products in the field of flat-panel TVs. Both have their own strengths and compete with each other, and each has its own development space, especially with the development of tablet technology. The plasma can't be made small, the resolution can't reach the high-definition standard, the LCD TV is expensive, and the motion picture is seriously delayed. The difference between the two has gradually narrowed.

From the market share of flat-panel TVs, the sales of LCD TVs are now much larger than the sales of plasma TVs, but this is also because enterprises invested in LCD products are far more relevant than those that invest in plasma products. As the plasma TV camp continues to expand, The domestic plasma screen production line will be gradually established, and the situation will be likely to change.

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