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LCD touch one machine uses common sense
Sep 13, 2018

The LCD touch screen integrated machine is an electronic product widely used in people's efficient office and intelligent teaching. It can replace the mouse or keyboard with a touch screen. Therefore, when using it, we only need to touch the touch screen installed on the front end of the display with a finger or other object, and then The system can locate the selection information input according to the icon or menu position touched by the finger. How to use this kind of efficient intelligent product correctly? Here is a brief introduction to the use of common sense LCD touch one machine:


1, turn off the monitor when leaving

LCD touch screen displays are very delicate, so in order to avoid burnout inside the screen, you should try to avoid displaying the same picture for a long time. If you are not using it, be sure to turn off the display (the button is at the "switch" in the lower right corner).


2, don't let the one machine have too much load

Do not attach extra weight to the LCD touch-sensitive unit or bracket, as the bracket (or wall-mounting) is designed to withstand the weight of the LCD touch-screen unit itself. Do not strongly collide or vibrate the screen to avoid damage, short circuit or deformation of the board.


3, pay attention to power off and open the back cover

Be careful when moving and handling the LCD touch all-in-one. At the same time, it must be shockproof, moisture-proof, anti-electric, waterproof, anti-pressure, and anti-collision. The voltage of the transformer behind the LCD monitor is still very high; pay special attention to safety and do not open the back cover of the monitor when it is powered.


4, the correct way to clean the screen dust

When there is dust on the screen of the LCD touch screen, the correct cleaning method should be to gently wipe with the buckskin or high-grade glasses cloth to remove the dust. If it is fingerprint and oil on the LCD screen, it should be cleaned with a special cleaner for the LCD whiteboard screen. Care should also be taken when using the cleaner, wipe it from the center of the screen until the cleaner on the screen is wiped clean.


5, daily attention to maintenance protection

Avoid using the LCD touch-sensitive unit in harsh environments such as excessive dust, humidity, or high temperatures and strong light. Avoid contact or contact with items with high heat sources and corrosive chemicals to avoid damage. Please pay attention to fire prevention and avoid approaching the fire source to avoid damage. The LCD touch-one machine is not waterproof, and the water droplets will seriously affect the response speed of the touch screen. Therefore, it should be prevented from being exposed to rain and the like.

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