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Is it better to hang the wall on the TV or put it on the TV cabinet?
Sep 13, 2018

Although we are now entering the digital age, the number of times we return home to watch TV is gradually decreasing, replaced by computers, mobile phones and other equipment, access to more information.

But even so, the TV is still an essential household decoration decoration as an electrical appliances, usually installed at home, a guest can be opened when they come to entertain each other.

With the development of science and technology, our TV sets have undergone several major changes to become what they are now.

From the original black-and-white TV to the present color TV, from analog TV to digital TV, flat-screen TV to the present light LCD TV, are gradually adapting to the development of the times.

Now that television is so light and thin, the way TV sets can be made available to us becomes more diverse.

For example, we can hang the TV on the wall, which could not be imagined 20 years ago.

First of all, television is used to watch, so if we hang in a position that looks uncomfortable at all, then it is inevitably not desirable, we must first eliminate this method.

Our most comfortable way of viewing is that our eyes are parallel to the TV set. Whether we look up or down, our necks ache easily over time.

So the best place to hang the TV is a little higher than the sofa, so that we can get the best angle from either sitting on the sofa or lying on the sofa watching TV.

It is recommended that when you install the TV, the TV will be placed at a height of about 80cm from the ground.

First of all, we can put the TV set on the TV cabinet to see, if the TV cabinet at home is relatively short, then we recommend that we still hang the TV set on the wall is better.

The advantages of TV set on TV cabinet

1. The TV set is placed on the TV cabinet. It has high flexibility. It is very convenient for the TV set to move or change direction.

2. Put the TV set on the TV cabinet to keep a certain gap between the back of the TV set and the wall, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the TV set and prolongs the service life of the TV.

3. Television needs to connect to the power line, signal line, if the TV set hanging on the wall, without the arrangement of dark lines in advance, then these circuits will be exposed in the middle, very ugly, and on the TV cabinet is more appropriate.

4. Convenient cleaning, TV set directly on the cabinet, cleaning time will be much more convenient, more secure and solid. So putting the TV on the TV cabinet has many advantages.

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