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How to distinguish LCD TV PC screen and VA screen
Sep 13, 2018

According to the technical principle, the screens commonly used on LCD TVs mainly include PC screens and VA screens. Due to various aspects of production technology, the performance of VA screens is of course better than that of PC screens. The LCD TV with VA screen is more expensive than the LCD TV with PC screen. So in the market, there are some bad merchants that will replace the higher performance VA screen with PC screen with relatively poor performance. Is there any way to quickly identify when purchasing an LCD TV?

1, contrast method

The advantage of LCD TV with VA screen is that the technical parameters are high, especially in the corresponding time, viewing angle, screen brightness, etc., when consumers are shopping, you can watch your LCD TV and LCD with PC screen. TVs are compared on the screen, especially in the performance of motor sports TV programs and video games. The gap between the two is quite obvious. The PC screen LCD TV is in the tail, color brightness, etc. There are still many obvious differences between many aspects and VA screen LCD TVs.

2, LCD TV "the bigger the better"

Consumers who have a certain understanding of the DIY market should be more clear. Although the production technology of liquid crystal displays on the market has gradually matured, the price of liquid crystal displays has gradually decreased, and various wide-screen liquid crystal displays are gradually listed, but relatively large screens. LCD monitors are rare. In the DIY market, the largest LCD monitor is only about 22 inches.

This is actually related to the production process of the LCD screen. Due to many technical reasons such as LCD panel cutting, the screen of the liquid crystal display cannot reach the size of 30 or more like a flat-panel TV, which also means that it is absolutely in the large-screen liquid crystal display. Most of them use VA screens with relatively high performance, so LCD TVs are better to choose bigger.

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