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How to adjust the TV screen ratio?
Sep 13, 2018

We generally refer to the ratio of the width and height of the screen as the aspect ratio (also known as the aspect ratio or the screen ratio). At present, the screen ratio of LCD TVs is generally 4:3 and 16:9. How should the TV screen ratio be the best? If you are still worried about this, perhaps the following can help you.

The ratio of the picture of almost all movies is the standard 1.33:1 (accurately 1.37:1, but collectively referred to as 1.33:1 as a standard). That is to say, the width of the movie picture is 1.33 times the height. This ratio is sometimes expressed as 4:3, which means that the width is 4 units and the height is 3 units. In the 1950s, the newly born television industry faced the problem of which screen ratio to use as the television standard.

In order to facilitate the film on the TV screen, the National Television Standards Committee (NTSC) finally decided to adopt the college standard as the standard proportion of TV, which is the origin of the 4:3 TV picture ratio. This ratio is still the dominant standard for television until today.

Due to this tradition, the TV programs we receive at present are all in such proportions, so the screen ratio of LCD TVs is currently dominated by 4:3. However, real movies are generally widescreen. Converting a widescreen movie to 4:3 will always result in loss of picture quality, shape or content. In order to better watch movies on TV, 16:9 TV screen The ratio has appeared, and since the future high-definition TVs will mainly use a 16:9 ratio, there are also some LCD TVs that use such screen ratios.

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