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Digital sign advertising machine leads the new trend of media
Sep 13, 2018

In the information age, the industrial chain is constantly upgraded and perfected, and the digital media advertising machine, known as the "fifth media", has gradually entered the mainstream media. In recent years, digital media smart advertising machine from a single machine to the Internet, from one-way communication to human-computer interaction, from 2D to 3D, from standard definition to high definition, from small screen to large screen, is To the full screen, this completely overturns the traditional advertising machine information dissemination mode, brings us again and again visual feast.

Nowadays, advertising machines can be seen everywhere in shopping malls, buildings, campuses, factories, stations, airports and other public places. This also indicates that digital sign advertising machines are getting closer and closer to people's lives. However, the current market situation of digital sign advertisement machine is "chaotic", and some traditional advertisement machine is more serious. Traditional advertising machine from the high-speed development stage of the market gradually entered the bottleneck period, many traditional advertising machine manufacturers are forced by the pressure of livelihood, began to move towards personalized career solutions.

Faced with the strong impact and penetration of the brand on the market, Star Vision conforms to the development of the market. It integrates big data technology and artificial intelligence into the smart advertising machine, and turns the traditional advertising machine into a smart advertising machine. Open the "professional" service start, the highly professional smart advertising machine, can be installed according to the market environment and the daily attention of the user crowd for professional analysis and content matching. Compared with the traditional digital media, it has more interactive and creative space, which makes the target audience more identical with the digital media.

This emerging smart media is also more accurate in advertising, especially in the development of new technology trends, upgraded interactive marketing platform, excluding traditional advertising agency middlemen, not only flexible delivery, but also through the audience of large data screen multi-dimensional user tagging classification, thus Make advertising more precise and flexible, and improve the conversion rate of advertising effect. As the most valuable offline media, the future Star Vision will combine outdoor media and online data to create a cross-media, all-round advertising marketing platform, and successfully lead the new fashion of the advertising industry.

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