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Development status of smart TV market in China
Sep 13, 2018

In terms of screen size, the 55-inch smart TV has the highest level of attention, reaching 28.2%, suggesting that Chinese smart TV users are gradually accepting large screens, with the 50-inch smart TV in second place. Smart TV makers also focus on 50 inches. However, size is no longer an important condition for users to choose TV. With the maturity of users, more and more users begin to pay attention to the brand, function and connotation of TV. The size of TV is only one of the factors that facilitate family layout.

The growth of the smart TV industry is on the rise. In 2016, despite the economic downturn, the sales of smart TV still achieved good results. At the same time, the growth of the smart TV market also ushered in a bottleneck period, that is, it is difficult to make a big breakthrough in the short term sales. On the one hand, as a large-scale household appliances, television products use iterations slower, not as short as the general life of mobile phones. On the other hand, with the rise of smart TV parts, so that the average price of smart TV began to move up, the power of the high-end market also needs some time. Whether the technology and function of smart TV can be further broken through or will be another opportunity for the industry.

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