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  • 20 Inch DLED TV

    20 inch dled tv The difference between LED liquid crystal and ordinary liquid crystal is the difference of the light source of the backlight. It is said that the life of LED is much longer than that of ordinary fluorescent tube, the brightness is also much more uniform, and...
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  • 28 Inch DLED TV

    28 inch dled tv The full name of LED TV is LED backlight LCD TV, and the quality of ordinary LCD LCD TV. First of all, their source of illumination is different. LCD TVs mainly use CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) as the backlight, while LED TV backlights are LEDs (Light...
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  • 32 Inch DLED TV

    32 inch dled tv After receiving the goods, please check carefully whether the goods are damaged during the logistics process. If there is obvious damage, the LED screen can not be used normally, please contact us in time. when opening the screen: first open the computer, then...
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  • 39 Inch DLED TV

    39 inch dled tv LED backlight LCD TV adopts LED light-emitting diode as the backlight of LCD screen. It has five advantages over cold cathode fluorescent tube backlight: First, the ultra-wide color gamut can reach 105% NTSE color gamut, so the color is more vivid. Second, the...
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  • 40 Inch DLED TV

    40 inch dled tv After the computer enters the LED control software, it can be powered on. Avoid opening the screen when the LED screen is completely red and out of control, because the impact current of the system is large. The computer frame cannot be opened when it is...
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  • 42 Inch DLED TV

    42 inch dled tv With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more touch screen devices have been applied to all areas of our lives, bringing a lot of convenience to our lives. This is a relatively popular product, especially the large size of 65 inches. ,...
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  • 43 Inch DLED TV

    43 inch dled tv check whether the brand manufacturers have documents, such as 3C national mandatory certification, ISO900I quality certification, CE certification, FCC certification, ROHS certification and other documents. check whether the brand has a good after-sales team,...
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  • 50 Inch DLED TV

    50 inch dled tv Touch network advertising machine is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, conferences, postal services, airports, stations, hotels, banks, parking lots, museums, libraries, exhibition halls, office buildings, office buildings, etc. Use...
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  • 55 Inch DLED TV

    55 inch dled tv increase additional advertising revenue I believe everyone knows that the mall itself is a very powerful liquidity mechanism, so we need to use some new things to win the attention of consumers. The emergence of online advertising machines can make up for this...
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  • 65 Inch DLED TV

    65 inch dled tv The touch educational machine is a high-tech product widely used in educational institutions. It consists of a touch screen, a liquid crystal display, a computer, a power supply device, an audio device, a touch screen, a power input device, and various network...
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